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Pitcher Pump sample image which can be drawn using DoodleCAD

With very little practice you can do scale drawings like this one of an old fashioned pitcher pump.

With DoodleCAD, each individual part of this drawing such as the lower valve and piston assemblies were done in separate documents at different scales and then assembled into the finished document later. Note that all the parts fit together without any adjustments.

To see for yourself
download the project.

DoodleCAD can draw like an artist

You don't have to be an artist to do art. This tree frog was done in just a few hours of work.

Just drop an interesting image from any source such as your digital camera onto the canvas; create a layer over the image and start tracing.

Download the frog project

Do you have a picture of a favorite pet that you always thought would make a great sketch? Were you afraid to try because it seemed too hard.


This drawing was done based on a photo of my pet ferret Alvin. My wife added the santa hat and Christmas present for a Christmas card. Fun and easy to do.